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Emergency Preparedness

 Natural and man-made disasters affect pets just as much as they affect humans, therefore owners must be prepared to evacuate their pets when necessary.

It is critical that everyone in your house, including your pets, get out safely in the case of an emergency or natural disaster. Fires, blackouts, and earthquakes are all frightening situations for humans, but they're far scarier for pets who rely on their owners to keep them safe. Having a complete plan in place for large-scale catastrophes could keep your pet from fleeing, being harmed, or being overlooked by relief workers.

Preparing Makes Sense for Pet Owners

Mission Viejo Animal Services Disaster Preparedness 

Pet Emergency Kit 

Pet Evacuation Kit Checklist 

Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist 

First Aid Kit for Pets 

Disaster Preparedness for Horse Owners 

Pet Boarding Instructions

When a disaster is declared and a Emergency Evacuation Shelter is set up, Mission Viejo Animal Services will simultaneously set up accommodations for pets at once at the center and off-site locations if necessary. Pet owners will be notified in regard to the shelter location and any other information necessary.

To be better prepared for an emergency evacuation, residents can download the FEMA app which will direct them to emergency shelters during declared incidents. 

MVAS currently partners with other agencies and organizations which could be called upon to provide emergency pet assistance. 


Pet first aid kit