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PetHub License Tag FAQ's

Mission Viejo Animal Services has teamed with PetHub to offer furry four-legged family members a next-generation pet license ID tag.  Beginning January 2024, all new dogs and cats licensed with Mission Viejo Animal Services will receive a smart digital license tag.  A QR code on the tag with a pet license number links to an optional free online pet profile with free 24/7 access to the lost/found pet call center.  

Do I have to activate the QR Code to create my pet's profile? 

The license number on the tag is registered with MVAS but the QR code has to be activated in order for your pet's online profile to work. The tag links directly to the online pet profile that has multiple emergency contacts, medical information & more to help your pet get home. 

Who controls and owns the data I put on the pet profile?

YOU. You are 100% in control of what goes on your pet's profile. The tag links directly to you.

Do I have to pay to get the lost pet recovery services to work?

The Basic Service is 100% free and comes with every tag. It includes your pet's profile and PetHub's 24/7 Found Pet Hotline call center. However, there are additional, optional premium lost pet recovery tools called "Basic+" that you can upgrade to at any time. 

Does my personal information show to the public?

No, you can decide what information shows, and change the privacy settings at any time.

Is there a special app I have to use?

Nope. PetHub is web based and mobile friendly. To read the QR code, any QR Code reader app
can be used to scan the tag, and these day's most smartphone cameras can read QR Codes!

What if someone doesn't know what a QR code is? 

That's okay! They can type the web address listed on the tag into any internet browser or call the
24/7 Found Pet Hotline to speak to a PetHub team member who will connect them with you directly.

What if my pet loses their smart digital license tag? 

Replacement tags are available for $8 and may be purchased at the center or by phone (using a Visa or MasterCard). You can update your new tag number directly on your pet's profile page on PetHub's website, no need to create a new profile. 

View Pet Hub's "How to activate my tag video" here

yellow lab with MVAS License tag