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City's YouTube channel goes viral to reach more than 10 million views

police officer with student actor

The short video Mission Viejo Community Relations staff filmed of a simulated DUI crash at Capistrano Valley High School has more than 10 million views and counting; hundreds of thousands of likes; and thousands of comments. The City's YouTube Channel also increased the number of subscribers tenfold.

The video is part of an upcoming MVTV episode of "Mission Viejo Today" with Mayor Trish Kelley and Orange County Fire Authority Fire Captain/Paramedic Steve Concialdi, the founder of F.A.D.D. (Friends Against Drinking and Driving), who will share his unique perspective from a 33-year history of staging dramatic and emotional mock DUI crashes on our local school campuses. 
Since the City posted the video on April 26, it has garnered tons of people from all corners of the globe commenting about their personal experiences with DUI-related crashes and tragic deaths of family members and friends. The comments are emotional and have opened a discussion and raised awareness among people around the world about the dangers of driving under the influence.

Stay tuned for the upcoming MVTV episode about this important topic and subscribe to the City's YouTube and other social media sites for more information.  


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