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Back-to-school safety includes disaster preparedness

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As part of an ongoing effort to educate residents in emergency preparedness, the City of Mission Viejo is offering detailed information through the Emergency Survival Program (ESP).  This guide features monthly topics, historical information and what you can do now to prepare. September's focus is on back-to-school safety.

School officials can do a lot to plan for disasters, limit the risks, protect students and teachers and ensure schools recover quickly. Many states now require specific disaster preparedness activities in their school systems. In our state, for example, schools must have a disaster plan; hold "Drop, Cover and Hold On" earthquake drills; and provide educational and training programs for students and staff.

It's essential for parents to know the policies and procedures of their children's school during times of disaster or crisis.  Whether on or off campus, kids should be schooled in what to do in an emergency. This means being able to recite their own names, addresses and telephone numbers. In addition, they should know the full names and contact information for parents and a second adult emergency contact.

Find out more tips for preparing your children for emergencies at home and school in this guide or visit the City's emergency preparedness page.

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