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Housing Element

Welcome to the City of Mission Viejo Housing Element Update!

The City of Mission Viejo, along with all jurisdictions throughout the State, is mandated by California State Law to prepare a Housing Element update for State certification. The Housing Element is part of the General Plan and includes goals, policies, programs and quantified objectives to further the development, improvement and preservation of housing.

State Housing Element law requires that each City and County identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs within their jurisdiction during an eight year planning period, which for jurisdictions in the SCAG (Southern California Association of Government) region, extends from October 2021 through October 2029 for the 6th cycle planning period.

Through a comprehensive analysis of existing and future needs, the State has determined that an additional 1.34 million housing units need to be constructed in the SCAG region during the above mentioned planning period, of which Mission Viejo is currently expected to provide a minimum of 2,217 new units. 


Since the middle of 2020, City staff and consultants, along with the Planning and Transportation Commission, City Council and the community, have worked together to prepare the Housing Element Update for the 2021-2029 planning cycle.  On November 14, 2023, the City of Mission Viejo City Council re-adopted the 6th Cycle Housing Element.  The City received a letter, from HCD dated February 8, 2024, stating that the re-adopted Housing Element is in compliance with State Housing Element Law. You can view the final HCD certification letter here.

Final Adopted and Certified 6th Cycle Housing Element 2021-2029

Adopted 6th Cycle Housing Element 2021-2029

January 2024 - Revised Housing Element (redlined version)

October 2023 - Revised Housing Element

HCD Comments on the City of Mission Viejo's Revised 2021-2029 Housing Element

May 9, 2023 City Response to HCD Comments

Mission Viejo General Plan Addendum - Housing Element Update

Mission Viejo General Plan Program EIR (Environmental Impact Report)



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