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Remember these essential safety tips from Mission Viejo Police Services

robber looking through window

With warmer weather in our midst, Mission Viejo Police Services is reminding you to take the following precautions while enjoying the spring and summer seasons:

  • Always keep residential doors and windows locked when you go to bed or leave your house, even if you are leaving for a short period.
  • Keep garage doors closed when you're not in or around the garage area. Lock all doors leading to your garage at night and when you're away from home.
  • Store ladders, gardening equipment and tools in a locked garage or shed. These can be used to enter your home.
  • Be aware of home improvement scams. If you did not solicit the contractor or salesperson who shows up at your door unannounced, do not do business with that person.
  • Never open your door for strangers or solicitors. Acknowledge you are home and talk through the door if you do not recognize the person.
  • Always remember to close your car windows, remove valuables and lock the doors every time you exit your vehicle. Keep in mind newer cars with keyless fobs can be unlocked when fobs are kept within close proximity (even from indoors).
  • Get to know your neighbors! Let a trusted neighbor know if you are planning to travel. Neighbors who know each other look out for each other.
  • If you see something suspicious, immediately call our 24-hour non-emergency dispatch line at 949-770-6011. Dial 9-1-1 for an emergency or crime in progress.

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