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Newhart Middle School feted for outstanding participation in Walk Against Drugs


Newhart Middle School has been recognized as the "drug-free" champion banner winner of the 2016 Walk Against Drugs event by Mission Viejo Police Services.
The annual Walk Against Drugs event in October unites the City and Sheriff's Department with local schools, businesses and community groups to promote healthy choices and drug-free lifestyles.
To increase student participation at the event, the Sheriff's Department challenged local schools to a friendly competition where students would sign in at a booth to earn points for their school.  Out of the more than 20 schools that participated, Newhart had the highest amount of points tallied and was crowned winner. This is the second straight year the school has claimed victory.
On Wednesday, Chief of Mission Viejo Police Services Lt. Ken Binning, School Resource Officer Heather Timmins and  Crime Prevention Specialists Khatra Molina and Paula Monical dropped by the school to unveil and present the banner to students along with some prizes for kids who sported their Walk T-shirts during the presentation. The 4x6 "drug-free warrior strong" champion banner will be displayed on campus throughout the year.
Kudos to Newhart Middle School for its dedication to embracing a healthy, drug-free lifestyle!

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