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Icon Commission Application
Icon Getting Started Guide
Icon Public Records Request
Icon Application for Sign Permit
Icon Barriers for Swimming Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs
Icon Bathroom Remodel
Icon Certificate of Occupancy Requirements
Icon Construction and Demolition Disposal Options
Icon Construction and Demolition Diversion Plan
Icon Construction and Demolition Information Sheet
Icon Construction and Demolition Materials Conversion Worksheet
Icon Construction and Demolition Report Summary
Icon Construction and Demolition Waste Recycling Ordinance
Icon Energy Efficient Measures Fee Waiver Program
Icon Fee Schedule & City Ordinance for Commercial Motion Picture Production, TV Production, and Still Photography Permit Requirements
Icon Film Production Application
Icon Final Special Inspection Report
Icon Initial Study Questionnaire
Icon Kitchen Remodel
Icon Neighbor Awareness Form
Icon New Businesses
Icon Patio Cover
Icon Patio Enclosures
Icon Permit-Plan Review Application
Icon Planning Application
Icon Pool & Spa Demolition
Icon Public Swimming Pools-Spas Inspection
Icon PV Eligibility and Structural Criteria Checklist
Icon PV Inspection Guide
Icon PV Owner Awareness Form
Icon PV Standard Plan Central String System
Icon PV Standard Plan Micro Inverter Systems
Icon PV Submittal Requirements Bulletin
Icon Residential Pool-Spa Requirements
Icon Residential Room Additions-Alterations Checklist
Icon Temporary Sign Application
Icon Tenant Improvement Submittal Checklist
Icon Underground Gas Piping
Icon Water Heater Handout
Icon Wireless Telecommunications Facility Application Submittal Guidelines
Icon ADA Grievance Form and Procedures
Icon As-Built Submittal Process for Grading, Street, Storm Drain, Traffic Signal, and Landscaping Improvement Plans
Icon Bond Execution Instructions
Icon Civil Engineer's Certificate of Precise Grade
Icon Civil Engineer's Certificate of Rough Grade
Icon Construction and Demolition Materials Conversion Worksheet
Icon Construction and Demolition Plan Form
Icon Easement Deed
Icon Encroachment Permit
Icon Encroachment Permit Cash Bond w/Instructions
Icon Encroachment Permit Submittal Process
Icon Encroachment Permit Surety Bond with Instructions
Icon Engineering Cost Estimate Form (Excel)
Icon Food Service Establishments BMP Implementation Certification
Icon Grading Bond and Execution Instructions
Icon Grading Code and Manual (2010)
Icon Grading Contractor Statement of Compliance
Icon Grading Permit (8.5 x 14 sheet)
Icon Grading Permit Cash Bond
Icon Grading Title Sheet (AutoCAD R14)
Icon Haul Route Permit
Icon Insurance Requirements
Icon Landscape Bond
Icon Landscape Cash Bond
Icon Landscape Improvement Plan Submittal Sheet
Icon Lot Line Adjustment Application
Icon Lot Line Adjustments, Easement Deeds, Quitclaim, Deeds, Vacations, Abandonments, Certificates of Correction, and Certificates of Compliance Submittal Sheet
Icon Maintenance Agreement
Icon Mass, Rough Grading Plan Submittal Sheet
Icon Precise Grading Plan Submittal Sheet
Icon Public Works Fee Schedule
Icon Public Works Occupancy Requirements
Icon Public Works Temporary Occupancy Requirements
Icon Red Imported Fire Ant Description Form
Icon Red Imported Fire Ant Notifcation Form
Icon Request to Obtain Building Permit Prior to Completion of PW Correction List
Icon Sample Irrevocable Letter of Credit
Icon Soil Engineer's Certificate of Compliance
Icon Special Events Block Party Petition
Icon Special Events Permit Application
Icon Street Improvement Plan Submittal Sheet
Icon Subdivision Faithful Performance Bond
Icon Subdivision Improvement Agreement with Instructions
Icon Subdivision Labor and Materials Bond
Icon Subdivision Monument Bond
Icon Subdivision Warranty Bond
Icon Time Certificate of Deposit
Icon Tract, Parcel Map Submittal Sheet
Icon Traffic Signal Plan Submittal Sheet
Icon Transportation Permit
Icon Water Quality BMP Implementation Agreement
Icon 4 Corners Application
Icon Community Services Application Fillable
Icon Community Services Funding - City Council Policy
Icon Community Services Funding Application
Icon Community Services Funding Guidelines
Icon Community Services Funding Semi-Annual Report 2016-17 Fillable
Icon Community Services Funding Semi-Annual Report Form 2015-16
Icon Community Services Funding Semi-Annual Report Form 2015-16 Fillable
Icon Community Services Funding Semi-Annual Report Form 2016-17
Icon Liability Release Form
Icon Middle School Dance Rules
Icon Senior Dial A Taxi Application and Waiver
Icon Senior Dial A Taxi Program Flyer
Icon Senior Dial A Taxi User Policies and Service Guidelines
Icon Senior Transportation Resources
Icon Sports Field Reservation Form
Icon Vendor Application
Icon Veteran of the Year Application 2016
Icon W9
Icon Wall of Recognition Policy and Application