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More Success Stories

Hi all, ! I just wanted to say thank you again for being so helpful with me adopting Hillary (I have changed her name to Missy ). She is adapting very quickly to her new big home, and to being very spoiled. She has turned out to be such a sweet and loving little girl, with a big voice when she wants something. She loves her 2 cat trees, bird on a string and catnip mousies.  
Hi MV animal! Just wanted to update you on Cooper. We moved this year and Cooper loves it! We have 3 dogs, Cooper, Lola 3 years old and Molly 5 years old. They all love it here and are certainly leading their best lives!    
We are so in love with Nella. It’s been 4 weeks since we adopted her and we couldn’t be happier. Yes, she’s full of energy and eaten a couple loaves of bread and some pumpkin bagels (our fault for not putting the bread away) but other than that she’s been perfectly fitting into our crazy lives. She’s super smart and wants to please so she’s been easy to train. Our Frenchie, Sunny and
Bonnie, aka Sadie, is adjusting quite well.  She is the apple of our eye and went from tasmanian devil to a sweet natured, calm little girl.  She is quite intelligent and knows how to win our hearts.  She's a wonderful asset to our family.
I adopted my perfect goofball a little over three months ago and every day I get to watch her personality grow. Harlow (Hera) went from being scared of her own shadow to the happiest pup at the park. After just two training classes, Harlow now knows every command in the book! Whether it’s long car rides or just staying in watching a movie, she always has the biggest smile. It was love at first
I recently adopted a kitten Glacier, who is now known as Teddy, from the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter.  I wanted to send you some pictures of how it’s been going! He is absolutely adorable and sooo sweet.
We wanted to thank you again for introducing us to sunflower. We’re planning to give her a new family name but haven’t agreed on one yet. We love her and we think she is enjoying our home too.
We adopted “Peaches” now named Clover December 1st of 2021 and we have never felt more full! She is the sweetest, most loving and playful girl I have ever met. She is a perfect fit for our family and cant wait for many more years with her!
Thanks Mission Viejo Animal Shelter for allowing us to take home this adorable precious fluffy pet.  She is such a playful little girl who loves, loves, loves her toys. Who knew we would have our very own soccer player.  What a beauty. She is so happy here, which makes us so happy. 
I just want to thank all the employees at the Mission Viejo animal shelter for finding us a new fur baby sunshine a.k.a. Revy. She is so sweet and we are so happy with her. She’s adjusting so well to her new home. Thank you so much.
I want to send an update on how our kitty is doing. She’s nearly doubled her weight in the last three weeks , she has a realities infection and eye infection when we got her but now is under control. Most recently we took her on her first beach adventure and she loves it!
 I adopted ‘Annette’ (a young, female Maine Coon) from the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter; it was a wonderful experience & everyone I met at the shelter was so thoughtful & welcoming. The staff even gave ‘Annie’ a brand new cat tree; apparently, someone had donated it to the shelter earlier that same day. Thought you might like to see Annie on her new cat tree (she loves it
I wanted to send you some photos of Sterling (cuz he is silver lol) I think he is fitting right in at his new home. He is such a good kitty! Thank you for letting me adopt him. He is already loved very much.  
A beautiful white and tan Cocker Spaniel. He was rescued by a local shelter And then again by us. We will never forget the clown Lucky. But are so happy to give this guy A home. He’s always ready to play And play And play Throw the ball. Then cuddle. Plus He’s a great kisser!! We love our new Cody
At the beginning of this year, I saw a picture of Doris on your website. A week later, we rescued her. Xenia (formerly known as Doris) has fit right in with our family and I wanted to send along some pictures.  BTW: I took her to the Animal Medical Center on La Paz for a check-up. One of the vets came into the room and he immediately recognized her. He started tearing up when he saw her,
A little update on Otter: he is now certified best buds with his brother Linus. You can catch the two of them lounging around the living room or seeing what’s up in the kitchen. Whenever Linus does something, you can count on Otter to follow suit. Monkey see monkey do with these guys. When we got Otter from the shelter it was assumed he had some form of alopecia. After a first bath his
My husband and I found a dog on the San Bernardino Pound website who had only 96 hours to live.  When we contacted the pound ASAP after we saw it, he was no longer there because people from your shelter had taken him back along with some others to be adopted out.  So we pursued things with you and brought him home.  We are so grateful that you have a program which rescues adoptable
I got my Harley baby from you guys back in 2020 and my life has changed, adopting Harley, known as funny girl at the shelter, was a miracle for me, she is so sweet, energetic, playful and loves other dogs. #adoptdontshop
Gris and Verde, now known as Sheldon and Leonard, are a treasure! They were a bit skittish at first but quickly because curious and playful. It did take a couple of tries and a couple of king size comforters to get them used to where the litter box was. BUT We Did It!!!  They love their new bed, as seen in the picture attached, but prefer to sleep around mom's neck and occasionally in front
Hello Mission Viejo Animal Shelter! I adopted Sprocket (aka Bean Sprout) about 3 years ago. He is doing very well and is still very friendly and playful. He has traveled with me to places like Big Bear CA, Flagstaf AZ, and Moab UT. We take him to the dog park regularly too (usually La Paws dog park). I just wanted to let you all know that he is doing well. Thank you all for the work that you do
It's been 9 years since Rizzo was adopted from the Mission Viejo Animal Shelter. He is still doing well. He is now estimated to be 13-14 years old. He DOES have a lot of energy when we go somewhere NEW that smells like squirrels... but if we take him somewhere "boring," he insists on being carried.  I am now volunteering at an animal rescue in our new area. People at your shelter took care
We just wanted to follow-up and let you know how much we love Waldorf – who is now Steven (long story on the name) and how quickly he has become a member of our family!We thought we’d share some pictures with you, and also his Embark DNA results – our “boxer mix” pup is 0% boxer and we couldn’t love him more! Here’s Steven, napping with our current boxer Bailey – he’s literally
We adopted Bailey, aka Caramel, on 2/6/2015.  She is still going strong and gets along well with her sister Kimba.  She enjoys the freedom of her yard on a beautiful day.
It's been a long time coming, but I wanted to update you on Finn, who we adopted as a puppy on 7/16/20.  He's now 2 years old, and how time has flown!  To say that Finn is one of our greatest joys is an understatement.  Every day is a new adventure, and we're just happy to have him in our lives.  Finn loves to play fetch everyday, go on walks on the trails by our home,
Greetings Mission Viejo Animal Shelter, I adopted Teddy on April 6th.  He is turning 11 years old this month (according to the paperwork from the Riverside County Animal Shelter where you acquired him from).   After he arrived at your shelter he had surgery to removed several small tumors and some warts and also underwent a full blood screen and teeth cleaning (with no extractions