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Neighborhood Watch can help keep your neighborhood safe


Does your neighborhood have Neighborhood Watch?

This community-based program is designed to educate you and your neighbors on effective crime prevention techniques for your home and neighborhood. Through the program, Mission Viejo Police Services and the community work together to enhance neighborhood security and heighten awareness. 

The benefits of this program are numerous. It helps you to:  

  • Develop partnerships with local law enforcement
  • Learn effective crime prevention techniques based on the crime trends in your neighborhood
  • Build trusting relationships with your neighbors
  • Learn to recognize and report suspicious activity 
  • Receive information on special events and unique volunteer opportunities 

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group, contact Mission Viejo's Crime Prevention Specialist at 949-470-8401 or crimeprevention@cityofmissionviejo.org


Submitted by Skip Sivadat on Sat, 03/26/2022 - 2:11 pm


Undeliverable error was sent back from crimeprevention@cityofmissionviejo.org. Voicemail left at 949-470-8401 please respond.

We recently have purchased a home in Mission Viejo. We live at the newly built community named Neo & Haven at Mission Foothills I am currently working with the community residents and the HOA board members to establish a neighborhood watch program within our new community.

Upon browsing through the Mission Viejo city website and police services I see a neighborhood watch program that seems very interesting and is exactly what our residents want in the neighborhood. Our residence within the community address their needs and concerns about safety and would love to set up a community meeting with the crime prevention unit to meet with our residents within this new community.

I am the point of contact at moment and would love to coordinate a community event meeting to establish a workshop and initiate and working relationship with local law enforcement personnel in this assigned area.

Please advise.

Skip Sivadat

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