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2018 Deputy of the Year improves Mission Viejo’s quality of life

Deputy Dana Chaney

Deputy Dana Chaney, an 11-year Sheriff’s Department veteran, has been named 2018 Mission Viejo Deputy of the Year.

Dana has earned the respect of her peers, supervisors, City staff and community members alike.  She was assigned to Mission Viejo as a patrol deputy, but quickly excelled in the department thanks to her professionalism, leadership, expertise, patience and compassion.

In January, she was selected as the department’s first Quality of Life Deputy (QOL), tasked with providing a balanced approach of outreach and enforcement on homeless issues, monitoring sober-living facilities, helping businesses with day laborers and providing conflict resolution efforts for neighbors.  Since the new position entered uncharted waters, Dana spent the first few months traveling to different agencies throughout Southern California to bring the best practices back to Mission Viejo.  

Since then, Dana has worked tirelessly with City staff to clean abandoned encampments and fire hazards throughout town.  Within just a few months in the role, she ended 15 years of homelessness for a man named George; found shelter for a woman and her 11-year-old autistic son who were living in their car; provided services for a veteran living in his vehicle; protected a senior being exploited by a family member; and helped an elderly woman on the verge of homelessness.

If that weren’t enough, Dana also works bike patrol to make our City’s trails safe for everyone to enjoy and serves as a Terrorism Liaison Officer.  Dana is also part of the Adopt-A-Cop program and works from her office at Carl Hankey IB School to increase police presence at schools to make safer campuses.

Along with her daily duties, Dana is part of the Peer Support Team to help OCSD employees work through crisis.  She is also a captain for the OCSD Women’s Trigger Team and won several medals during this year’s police Olympics. Outside of work, Dana enjoys spending time with family, her fiancé and two dogs. 

“Although Dana’s duties may vary day by day, her consistency of providing outstanding customer service, exhibiting patience, showing compassion and her resourcefulness remains steadfast,” said Lt. Quyen Vuong, Chief of Police Services.  â€œShe truly enjoys working with our community to make everyone’s quality of life better.”


Submitted by John J. Rochefort on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 6:22 pm


Another reason why we support tax increases that benefit our very talented police and fire

Working and staying at LAX Mon-Sat for an 18 Billion dollar expansion project my wife is home alone during this time and feels confident she can count on the OC Fire/Sheriff depts if the need would arise.

Thanks for all you and your colleagues do on a daily basis for our City.