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City, Police Services & Mercy House help family in need

city employees with mattress

A single mom and her three children now have a roof over their heads and place to sleep thanks to the efforts of the City, Mission Viejo Police Services, Mercy House and a local business. 

The mom, who works for a school district, and her kids were on the verge of becoming homeless but found an opportunity to lease a townhouse. However, she couldn't afford to purchase mattresses for them to sleep on. Working with the nonprofit Mercy House, the City stepped in and contacted a local hotel, which was getting ready to renovate. The business didn't hesitate in donating a queen mattress and two full beds for the family.

City staff and Police Services helped deliver the mattresses to the grateful mom and kids this week.

There are many resources and organizations available to help families, individuals and veterans in need. For more information, see this resource guide.


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