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Public Participation Kit

City of Mission Viejo 2021 Districting Public Participation Kit

The City is seeking your help in mapping out what a district-based election would look like. The following links detail how to create potential districts.  The first link "Districting Instructions" describes the two options you have for submitting a district map. The second link "Idea Form" is for you to submit comments/ideas on district elections along with your contact information. The next link "Plan Proposal Submission Map" is for downloading and drawing your map.  The "District Plan Proposal Assignment" is an Excel spreadsheet for creating different scenarios for the districts.

In-person mapping assistance is available at the Mission Viejo Library, 100 Civic Center, or by calling the City Clerk's Office at 949-470-3052.

Item 1: Districting Instructions (PDF)
Item 2: Idea Form (PDF) 
Item 3: Plan Proposal Submission Map (PDF) 
Item 4: District Plan Proposal Assignment- Excel (Excel/.xls) 
Item 5: 2021 Existing Conditions report (PDF) 
Item 6: Plan A (PDF)

Item 7: Plan Proposal Submission Map with School Districts

Item 8: Map of Population Shares aged 0-17

Item 9: Map of Population Shares aged 65+