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Housing Element 101

Housing Element 101

The City of Mission Viejo General Plan Housing Element is a state-mandated policy document that identifies housing policies and programs aimed to meet the identified housing needs of the City's current and anticipated future population, with an emphasis on affordable and special needs housing, removal of governmental constraints to housing development, and equal access to housing.  The Housing Element provides goals, policies, and programs that address:

  • Conserving and improving existing housing and neighborhoods
  • Assisting in development and provision of affordable housing
  • Providing adequate residential sites to address fair share housing needs
  • Removing governmental constraints to housing development
  • Promoting equal housing opportunities, including Mission Viejo's special needs populations

The Housing Element is required by state law to be updated every eight years.  The current Housing Element update will address the 6th regional housing cycle, covering the years 2021 through 2029.

Recent State Housing Legislation

Numerous new pieces of legislation have impacted and will continue to shape the City's Housing Element as the City is tasked with developing a policy document that addresses the state's legislative requirements. The following table provides a brief summary of recent legislation that will be addressed in the City's Housing Element. To see the full text of any one of the specified laws, click on the bill number to the right.

California Housing Legislation
Category Bill Title
Bills Removing Barriers to Boost Housing Production "‹SB 330 - Housing Crisis Act of 2019 and Changes to Permit Streamlining Act & Housing Accountability Act
AB 1763 - Density Bonuses for Affordable Housing
AB 116 - Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District
AB 879 - Expands the required analysis of constraints in the Housing Element
Surplus Land Databases and Reporting Requirements AB 1486 / SB 6 / AB 1255 - Expansion of Surplus Land Act and Reporting
AB 1483 - Housing Data Collection and Reporting
Requirements for Accessory Dwelling Units AB 68 / AB 881 / SB 13 - Modifications to Increase Accessory Dwelling Unit Development
AB 587 - Sale of Accessory Dwelling Units
AB 670 - Construction of Accessory Dwelling Units in Common Interest Developments
AB 671 - Affordable Accessory Dwelling Unit Program Creation
Related Housing Element Laws from 2017 Housing Package SB 166 - "No Net Loss" Law
AB 1397  - Additional justification of Housing Element sites
AB 1505 - Authorizes Inclusionary Housing in Rental Projects
AB 72 - Increased Enforcement of Housing Element Law
Tenant protections
Established Uses By Right
"‹AB 1482 - Limits annual rent increases
AB 2162 - Requires supportive housing be a use by-right in certain zones