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Volunteer Contacts

For more information on the volunteer opportunity of your choice, contact the department directly.

Animal Services

Phone: 949-470-8404
Email: ask-shelter@cityofmissionviejo.org

Community Relations

Phone: 949-470-3034
Email: cr@cityofmissionviejo.org


Phone: 949-470-8488
Email: libvolunteers@cityofmissionviejo.org

Police Services / Crime Prevention Unit

Phone: 949-470-8401
Email: crimeprevention@cityofmissionviejo.org

Public Services

Phone: 949-470-3064
Email: publicservicesvolunteers@cityofmissionviejo.org

Recreation and Community Services

Phone: 949-470-3061
Email: rcs@cityofmissionviejo.org

Norman P. Murray Community & Senior Center

Phone: 949-470-3062
Email: rcs@cityofmissionviejo.org