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Deputy Spencer Crisp is Mission Viejo Police Services' 2021 Employee of the Year

OCSD Deputy Spencer Crisp

Deputy Spencer Crisp, a veteran Sheriff's Department patrol deputy, has been named Mission Viejo Police Services' 2021 Employee of the Year. 

This devoted deputy is respected by his peers and supervisors alike, who selected him for the award.

Assigned to Mission Viejo for the last four years, Deputy Crisp is responsible for enforcing the law, handling calls for service, proactive patrols in the City, conducting investigations, writing reports and making arrests. He also assists with any critical events that happen in the City like wildfires, civil unrest or protests. 

But what sets Deputy Crisp apart, said his supervisor Sergeant Joshua Brass, is his patrol experience. In fact, he began working in patrol in 2015 and is one of the most senior patrol deputies in our City. Thanks to his strong work ethic, Deputy Crisp was selected as a field training officer (FTO), and in the past four years, he has helped train most of the City's deputies in patrol operations - dedicating thousands of hours to the training program.  

The City of Mission Viejo is grateful to Deputy Crisp for his outstanding efforts in helping to keep Mission Viejo as one of the safest in the nation. 


Submitted by Ralph G Brown on Thu, 12/23/2021 - 8:14 am


I congratulate Deputy Crisp. I am sure he is dedicated as most
law enforcement officers are

As for proactive patrol..I haven't seen a patrol car in my neighborhood
for a year or so...maybe that's good
but I see one parked at Jersey Mikes quire often..that's OK too I guess.
I do see motor officers scratching tickets around town & that'good too.
Keep up the good work. R.G.Brown, retired Capt. Montebello PD

Submitted by Sandy Fate on Thu, 12/23/2021 - 12:54 pm


Congratulations Spencer! It’s great to have you out there protecting our citizens day in and day out. We appreciate your service to our community!

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