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Neighborhood Watch is a free program supporting a safer community

Neighborhood Watch

The best things are often free.  Neighborhood Watch is a free program that connects neighbors to support a safer community.  Knowing your neighbors is the key.  Starting a Watch group provides an opportunity for you to meet new neighbors and reconnect with others.

Residential crime often occurs when people from outside a community target the quiet, well-kept streets of another.  A proactive group of residents who know their neighbors will be quicker to notice when something is unusual or out of place and make a call for service.

Mission Viejo Police Services’ Crime Prevention Unit can work with you to bring Neighborhood Watch to your street.  All training and materials are provided at no cost for this two-meeting program.  If you are interested in this important program, contact Crime Prevention at 949-470-8433 or crimeprevention@cityofmissionviejo.org.


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