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Wayne Dixon is Mission Viejo's Deputy of the Year

Deputy Wayne Dixon

Deputy Wayne Dixon, a nearly 30-year Orange County Sheriff's Department veteran, has been named 2019 Mission Viejo Deputy of the Year. 

Respected by his peers and supervisors alike, Deputy Dixon continuously works to keep our roads safe.

Along with his regular duties that include issuing traffic citations and investigating traffic accidents, Deputy Dixon is a motor training officer, mobile field force instructor, safety member of the Orange County Taxi Cab Administration Program and a member of the DUI Task Force. He is also a co-administrator for the Electronic Citation Program, which to date has issued more than 130,000 citations department wide.   

If that were not enough, Deputy Dixon is an active member of the Critical Incident Response Team and keeps his rifle on his motorcycle.  It has certainly come in handy and was used by Deputy Dixon this year to either detain or take suspects into custody.

"When I transferred to Mission Viejo, Deputy Dixon was described to me as our 'go-to' motor deputy," said Sgt. Joshua Brass. "Although I have only worked with him for a year, I quickly realized this statement to be true. Deputy Dixon is a hard worker "¦ his motivation and work ethic are examples to others, and it's a true pleasure to work with him."


Submitted by Scott Garven on Thu, 12/12/2019 - 10:09 pm


To whom it may concern,

I had the privilege to meet Deputy Dixon back in October.

I requested a deputy come out to help me with a situation with my sons mother and her placement of her car seat for our son.

They helped keep the peace and give the mom some insight. Unfortunately, I had to file a petition to have the mother face the car seat rear facing for our son who is under 24 months of age, under 40 pounds and under 40 inches in height.

I tried to educate the mom with facts, law and everything else and nothing persuaded her.

In court, the commissioner, clerk, deputy and others all were unfamiliar with the state legislature regarding child seats laws.

In my petition, I attached the state legislature and a child seat safety class proof of completion.

The commissioner didnt think twice to enforce my petition.

I am very glad to have a system that worked in the favor of my sons safety and well being.

I hope this information will help enforce this law for children when deputies or other people see children in forward facing seats that should be rear facing.

Legislature: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?sect…

Child Seat Safety Class contact info.
Michael Molina, MPH, CHES, CWHC, CPST
Community Health Educator
Community Education Department
Children's Hospital of Orange County

Submitted by Steve Dixon on Fri, 12/13/2019 - 8:34 am


Congratulations big brother I love you very much you're a great officer and a great person and a great brother congratulations!

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