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Community GIS


The City of Mission Viejo's Community View/GIS is a Geographical Information System (GIS), which provides detailed information about properties from a geographic perspective. By entering a property address or street you can view the following information:

Aerial Color Photography
Property Information
Property Lines
Electric Company
Flood Zone Information
Homeowner Association
Water District
School District
Trash Pick-up Day
Street Sweeping Day
Land Use

Included with this information are contact phone numbers for the respective service/utility.

NOTICE: Information displayed by this program is provided by Digital Map Products (DMP) and is not maintained by the City of Mission Viejo. Information should be verified directly with the City of Mission Viejo before relying on its accuracy.

System Requirements

Viewing is best if your system has the following:

  • Windows 7 or later
  • 2 GB RAM minimum
  • 50 MB (minimum) disk space available
  • Internet Explorer 11.0 or later
  • Broadband Internet connection


I am having problems printing. 

  • Disable any Pop-Up Blocker software.

Searching Tips

  • Enter the property address (including number) in the space next to "Street/Address:," example "28095 Hillcrest." You can also use only the street name to go to a general location. DO NOT enter Street, St., Avenue, Blvd., etc., after the street name.
  • Select the Zoom In tool, then place your cursor over the aerial photograph. Press and hold the left mouse button to zoom in.
  • Select the Zoom to Area tool, then place your cursor over the aerial photograph. Press and hold the left mouse button as you draw a selected area to zoom in.
  • Follow the same procedure to zoom out using the Zoom Out tool.
  • After you have zoomed in to a property, select the Get Information tool, then click on the property to obtain information.
  • If you cannot access the GIS system and need information about a property, contact the City of Mission Viejo at 949-470-3000. Or visit City Hall located at 200 Civic Center (corner of Marguerite and La Paz). Zoning and/or land use questions should be directed to the Community Development Department.

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