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Success Stories

Hi all, ! I just wanted to say thank you again for being so helpful with me adopting Hillary (I have changed her name to Missy ). She is adapting very quickly to her new big home, and to being very spoiled. She has turned out to be such a sweet and loving little girl, with a big voice when she wants something. She loves her 2 cat trees, bird on a string and catnip mousies.  
Hi MV animal! Just wanted to update you on Cooper. We moved this year and Cooper loves it! We have 3 dogs, Cooper, Lola 3 years old and Molly 5 years old. They all love it here and are certainly leading their best lives!    
We are so in love with Nella. It’s been 4 weeks since we adopted her and we couldn’t be happier. Yes, she’s full of energy and eaten a couple loaves of bread and some pumpkin bagels (our fault for not putting the bread away) but other than that she’s been perfectly fitting into our crazy lives. She’s super smart and wants to please so she’s been easy to train. Our Frenchie, Sunny and
Bonnie, aka Sadie, is adjusting quite well.  She is the apple of our eye and went from tasmanian devil to a sweet natured, calm little girl.  She is quite intelligent and knows how to win our hearts.  She's a wonderful asset to our family.

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