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Wall of Recognition Nomination

Placement of a plaque or name plate on the Wall of Recognition is reserved for those who have provided extraordinary, lasting, and highly significant service contributions to the community.

Nominations may be submitted by, but are not limited to, the nominee's family member, a member of the Mission Viejo community, a local official or someone from a non-profit organization or business with whom the proposed nominee is or was affiliated. Nominations will be considered and reviewed on an annual basis. Current elected officials are not eligible.

Minimum Nominee Requirements:

  1. Nominees must be a resident or student of Mission Viejo at the time the application is submitted.
  2. Service must have been performed in, or must have provided a direct benefit, to the community of Mission Viejo.
  3. The nominee must demonstrate exemplary conduct above and beyond what is normally expected.
  4. Application for Wall of Recognition nominee must be signed by a minimum of twenty (20) individuals; all twenty must be Mission Viejo residents. Please include this signed signature sheet with your submission below.
  5. It is the policy of the City that recognition awarded posthumously will be eligible for consideration after a twelve-month period.

Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee (Committee) will be comprised of one member from each of the following committees with the exception of the Community Services Commission (Commission), which will have two voting members:

  • Recreation and Community Services Department (advisory only and will not vote)
  • Community of Character Committee
  • Cultural Arts Committee
  • Heritage Committee
  • Senior Citizens Activities Committee
  • Community Service Commission (two Commissioners)
  1. The Committee will meet on a date(s) determined by the Recreation and Community Services Director.
  2. The Committee will review the applications to determine whether the policy criteria have been met and will verify the information contained in the application is correct and that there are no compelling circumstances that would disqualify the nominee from being recognized.
  3. On an annual basis the Committee will forward written recommendations regarding Wall of Recognition nominations to the Commission for further consideration.

Recognition Procedure:

  1. Applications for nominations for the Wall of Recognition may be requested by completing the on-line nomination form. (Hand-written applications will not be accepted.)
  2. The deadline to submit complete nominations for consideration in the current calendar year for the Wall of Recognition is February 28 by 5:00 p.m. (or date designated by the Director). All nominations received after 5:00 p.m. will be considered in the following calendar year.
  3. All nominations for the Wall of Recognition will be directed to the Recreation and Community Services Department for review to ensure the application is complete.
  4. The Recreation and Community Services Department will forward the completed applications to the Committee for consideration and review.
  5. Incomplete applications will be returned to the nominator for completion up to March 15th by 5:00 p.m. (or date designated by the Director).
  6. On an annual basis, the Committee will forward their recommendations regarding Wall of Recognition to the Commission.
  7. During the calendar year of submission, the Commission will review the Committee's recommendations and will then make recommendations regarding Wall of Recognition nominations to the City Council.
  8. The City Council will review the Commission's nominations and will have final authority to act on the recommendation regarding Wall of Recognition.
  9. The City Council will approve the installation of a plaque on the Wall of Recognition.
  10. The City Council will recognize the recipients at a special presentation.

Community Services Wall of Recognition Plaque or Name Plate and Location:

  1. A plaque or name plate will include the name of the recipient, a brief description of the service provided, and the date of the award.
  2. The plaque or name plate will be installed on the Wall of Recognition located in the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center.

Please review the policy criteria before submitting an application to nominate an individual, business or organization for recognition. Applications that are incomplete or do not meet the criteria will be returned. Completion of a nomination form does not guarantee an award.


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