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Neighborhood Watch

Mission Viejo is ranked as one of the safest cities in California and in the nation. Join Neighborhood Watch to keep it that way!

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The Orange County Sheriff's Department strongly encourages residents to participate in Neighborhood Watch programs. Communication between residents and law enforcement is the most effective means to substantially reduce residential burglaries and other crimes in the community. 





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Neighborhood Watch provides effective crime prevention techniques for your home and neighborhood. The program is initiated by two meetings with a representative from the Orange County Sheriff's Department regarding recognizing and reporting suspicious activity, personal safety issues, secure hardware suggestions, and current crime trends.  






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The City offers an array of essential information about meetings, special events, news and other items that impact the way people live, work and play in Mission Viejo.  Sign up to receive the latest up-to-date information via email from City Hall.

This will facilitate greater community awareness and provide notification of important crime alerts and safety tips for preventing crime.

Our goal is to maintain our safe City standing with swift and accurate information to the public. 

Additional Benefits:

Disaster preparedness is an essential component of the Neighborhood Watch program for your home and street. Residents and neighbors are encouraged to work together and prepare for disasters of all types. There is also a 9 week course, the Community Emergency Preparedness Academy offered annually. More Info

Security Inspections:

A service, provided free of charge, to assist residents in identifying areas vulnerable to intrusion and an easy target for criminals. A walk-through, on-site inspection is performed with you and a written evaluation is provided for you as a reference.

Vacation Home Checks:

A service, provided free of charge, which involves a physical check of your residence to ensure no windows or doors have been opened or tampered with. This service is performed by Mission Viejo Police Services' Senior Corps of Retirees (SCOR) team, a volunteer group of retired residents actively serving the community. For more information or to sign up for a vacation home check, please call 949-470-8433.

Guest Speakers:

Law enforcement personnel are available upon request for presentations on crime-related topics including personal safety, burglary, shoplifting, robbery, fraud, employee theft, Neighborhood and Business Watch, gangs, and work-place violence.

More Information:

If you See Something, Say Something! Review how to recognize the signs of suspicious activity.

For more information or to join Neighborhood Watch, contact the Mission Viejo Crime Prevention Office at (949) 470-8401 or email crimeprevention@cityofmissionviejo.org.