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Community Services Commission

The Commission and staff welcome information on pertinent concerns, but comments at the meeting should be brief and specific to enable the Commission to take appropriate action.

Community Services Commissioners

  • Chairperson Pam Smith (Appointed: 1/10/17; Re-Appointed: 1/8/19; Re-Appointed: 1/12/21; Re-Appointed: 3/28/23)
  • Vice Chairperson Gary Magill (Appointed 3/28/23)
  • Commissioner Cathy Allen (Appointed: 1/10/17; Re-Appointed: 1/8/19; Re-Appointed: 1/12/21;Re-Appointed: 3/28/23)
  • Commissioner Saga Conroy (Appointed: 5/9/23)
  • Commissioner Tricia Gonsowski (Appointed 1/12/21; Re-Appointed: 3/28/23)
  • Commissioner Steven Thornton (Appointed 3/28/23)
  • Commissioner Josh Vecchione (Appointed: 1/12/21; Re-Appointed: 3/28/23)


Mark Nix, Director of Recreation and Community Services


Regular meetings of the Community Services Commission are held on the third Tuesday of the month beginning at 6 pm in Council Chamber, Mission Viejo City Hall, 200 Civic Center. The Commission goes dark in the months of July and December, with no meetings held those months unless posted. In accordance with State law, all regular Commission meetings that fall on specified holidays are automatically held on the next business day. For further information please contact the Recreation and Community Services Department at 949-470-3061 or rcs@cityofmissionviejo.org.

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The Community Services Commission advises the City Council and staff regarding the development and maintenance of parks and recreation facilities and the provision of adult and youth recreation services, senior citizen and human services, and cultural and fine arts services.  This Commission also considers applications for community service grants.

The Community Services Commission is responsible for making recommendations concerning the Recreation, Fitness and Tennis Centers, the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center, the Thomas R. Potocki Center, historic preservation, Community of Character qualities promotion, High School activities, five established City support committees, and ad hoc committees.

Addressing the Commission

Anyone wishing to address an item on the agenda should complete a "Request to Speak" form and submit it to the Administrative Secretary at the beginning of the Commission meeting or no later than five minutes before the item is to be heard. If the item is on the consent calendar, the concern will be heard under "Public Comments". The Agenda item number being addressed should appear on the speaker slip. To speak on a concern that is not on the agenda, a "Request to Speak" form should be completed and submitted to the Administrative Secretary as described above. This concern will be heard under "Public Comments" on the agenda. No action will be taken on any items not on the agenda unless the Commission makes a determination that an emergency exists or that the need to take action on the item arose subsequent to the posting of the agenda. Whenever possible, lengthy testimony should be presented to the Commission in writing, and only pertinent points presented orally. Public/applicant exhibits become city property and are not returnable.

Consent Calendar

All matters listed under the consent calendar are considered to be routine and all will be enacted by one roll call vote. There will be no separate discussion of these items unless members of the Commission or staff request specific items be removed from the consent calendar for separate action. Ordinances shall be deemed to have title read and further reading waived.


Agendas of all regular Community Services Commission meetings are posted at least 72 hours prior to those meetings on a bulletin board at the city offices located at 200 Civic Center. The agendas may also be inspected at the following locations: Montanoso Recreation Center, 25800 Montanoso Drive and the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center, 24932 Veterans Way. The complete agenda packet will be available for public inspection during business hours, in the Recreation & Community Services Department, 200 Civic Center and the Norman P. Murray Community and Senior Center, 24932 Veterans Way, starting no later than the Friday preceding each Commission meeting. Any subject placed on the agenda, regardless of how the matter is stated on the agenda, may be acted on by the Commission.