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Rabbit Adoption Application

Please answer every question in order for your application to be considered.

Completing an application is not a guarantee of adoption.


Complete the information about ALL of the pets you have had in the past 5 years, including current pets

What is the reason for wanting to adopt this rabbit? (Check all that apply)
What characteristics are you looking for in a rabbit? (Check all that apply)
Does any member of your household have pet allergies or asthma?
The rabbit will spend its time: (check all that apply):
What type of housing do you plan on keeping this rabbit in? (Check all that apply)
How would you deal with issues regarding rabbits chewing furniture, carpets, doorways, electrical cords, etc.?
Which may prompt you to relinquish, return, or rehome your rabbit? (check all that apply)
Have you ever had to give up a pet?
Do you have a current veterinarian?
Have you adopted any animals from Mission Viejo Animal Services before?
Have you completed an application to adopt an animal from our shelter in the past 12 months?
Your application will be reviewed along with all others received by Animal Services personnel to ensure that the best home possible is selected for this animal. Animals are NOT adopted solely on a first come– first served basis.

Incomplete applications forms are grounds for denial of adoption.

We Reserve the Right to Refuse the Adoption of any Animal.

I hereby certify that the above answers are true, to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that if approved, I must sign and abide by an Adoption Agreement.
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