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Homebound Library Service

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The Mission Viejo Library is very pleased to offer Homebound Books-By-Mail Service to the community. This is a free service is for individuals who live in the City of Mission Viejo who are unable to physically come to the library due to temporary or long-term mobility issues, health, or disability barriers. A Homebound library card entitles you to:

  • 3-item checkout limit
  • 3-item HOLD limit
  • 4-week checkout period with no renewals.
  • Free postage to and from the Mission Viejo Library 

You will receive your title selections by USPS mail. Please allow 3 days days for the items to be mailed to you and to be delivered back to the library. Precise shipping instructions and return packaging will be provided inside of your Homebound package for when you are ready to return your items.

Your special Homebound library card will expire after 1 year and you will need to reapply for the service.  You will receive a reminder from the Library to reapply for this service.

Apply for the service online here

If you have any questions about the program or delivery, please contact Myles at mjones@cityofmssionviejo.org; (949) 452-8377 or Joshua at jstandifer@cityofmissionviejo.org; (949) 452-8369. 

Happy reading!