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Computers & WiFi

Public Computers

The Library offers over 30 public computers for use free by adults, teens, or children. First come, first served access is available during open hours, with a valid Mission Viejo Library card. Filtered Internet service is available as well as standard Microsoft Office programs such as Word and Excel. Self-service printing is available for a fee.

The very youngest users (6-12 years of age) may use the computer stations in the children's department, with parental supervision. All users under the age of 18 must have parental permission to use the Internet.

Don't have a Mission Viejo Library card, but need to use a computer? Users over age 18 may inquire at our Circulation Desk about obtaining a computer use only card.

WiFi at the Library

If you have your own laptop, tablet, or smartphone, you can use the wireless network here at the library and in the City Hall complex. The public wireless network name is CMV WIFI.

Frequently Asked Questions about WiFi

Q: Can the library staff help me configure my computer?
A: For liability reasons, the Library staff is not available to assist you with your laptop, wireless card, or configuration.

Q: Is Internet browsing restricted in any way?
A: Yes. Software filtering is utilized to block out gambling sites, adult content sites, and sites that pose a security risk to our network. The bandwidth available for the wireless Internet connection is also shared with all others in the library. In consideration of everyone's needs, we ask that you not download large files.

Q: Is the Library’s wireless connection secure?
A: The Library’s wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop can be captured by anyone else with a wireless device and the appropriate software. All communications are passed through the Internet without encryption.  Therefore we cannot guarantee the security of any personal information that you transmit over the wireless connection after you log in to our network.


Printing is available for all public Internet computers and over our WiFi network, for 15 cents per black & white page and 75 cents per color page.

Print jobs may be paid for via cash at the time of printing. Payment may also be made using funds previously added to your library account via cash or your credit card.

Add Money To Your Account Online, Anytime

With your credit card, add money to your library account anytime you wish, using the ease, convenience and security of online payments. Use the funds to pay for printing from our Internet computers, or to pay your library fines. 

Laptop Printing

There are two ways you can print from your laptop or desktop - via email or uploading your document to a web printing portal.

Web Printing

Each PrinterOn-enabled printer has an associated Printing Portal that you can use to upload and print documents from your laptop.

  1. Go to the Mission Viejo Library web printing page
  2. Follow the directions for selecting and uploading your document
  3. The document will be submitted after entering your email address and clicking on the green print button
  4. Type in your email address on the Print Release Station to retrieve your job

Email Printing

To print an email, simply send or forward an email with attachment to either of these addresses...that's it!

For Black and White : 
300187525113@printspots.com  or  mvl-library-blackandwhite@printspots.com
For Color : 
300288939798@printspots.com  or  mvl-library-color@printspots.com

  1. Send or forward your email with attachment to the specific email address of the printer you would like to use
  2. You will receive an email back letting you know that your document is ready to be picked up at the print release station

Smart Phone and Tablet Printing

Mobile Printing Apps

Mobile printing apps are also available for iOS and Android devices.


Print jobs may be picked up and paid for, during regular business hours, in the Library’s Technology Center. Black & white printing is $0.15 per page; color printing is $0.75 per page.